Here it comes…Christmas 2014!  I’m afraid it will seem like tomorrow that we will come together for the Christmas Eve service…share in extended family Christmas celebration and head home tired and nearly worn out…only to have to wrap a few more gifts.  While I like to open beautifully wrapped gifts, it isn’t much fun to wearily wrap gifts that will be ripped open in just a few hours.  The rush of the Christmas season can rob us of the meaning and deepest joy of the spiritual holiday. 


While decorations, gifts, music, baking, parties and everything else that we love about Christmas are enjoyable…what a sad feeling if people miss the event that is the reason for the whole season!  God’s love reaching for each person through the gift of His only son being born in a stable in the little town of Bethlehem is of utmost importance!  Our God in flesh, baby Jesus, represents the heart of our creator who desires to restore, reimage, and change us from gift grabbing consumers to people SO thankful for a King that seeks to bring peace and joy in the middle of our cultural chaos.


This Advent season (The Coming of the Christ) will only be what God designs and intends if we …set priorities…protect our schedules from busy-ness and center ourselves on Jesus!  In worship we do this by considering the simplest thoughts found in the gospel of Matthew.  Chapters one and two do more than cover the royal lineage of who Jesus is…they give us four descriptions that will keep us remembering who He is and why He came.


November 30- He Was and Is a Nazarene   Matthew 2:23

December   7- He Is Immanuel…God With Us   Matthew 1:23

December 14- He Is the Son of God   Matthew 2:15

December 21- He Is Jesus…Our Savior   Matthew 1:21


Don’t miss the Christmas Eve Service at 5:00 pm on the 24th!  It would be good if you could have everything in order when you come…so you can enjoy "Christmas Unwrapped!”

The final Sunday of 2014- December 28th will be very special!  One of our own will be coming home to share God’s Word with us…Pastor Kevin Jack from CrossPoint Community Church in Maysville, Kentucky.  The evening service on the 28th will be Family Drop-in Communion from 5:00 until 6:00 PM.  Your pastors will look forward to meeting with you around the altar, serving the sacrament and praying with you.