Kick it into gear! Go! Get going! Three – Two – One- The apple has dropped! Things will happen in this new year that we would never expect. We have no idea of the celebrations and tragedies that will affect our lives. Global warming or Polar vortex blast…there will be weather. We will not have a lot to do with many things that take place in 2015…but there are some opportunities that we will affect. We can be passive and watch another year pass or we can decide to DO SOMETHING! You can have an impact on what happens this year! Worship in January and February will challenge us to DO SOMETHING! Each week there will be a one word directive delivered by your pastors. We hope…and pray that the people who are West Chester Church of the Nazarene will cause things to happen with the help and power of the Holy Spirit that otherwise would not have taken place. Be praying…”What is it you want me to do, Lord?” Maybe it will be a personal challenge…maybe a small group challenge…whatever it is - - - - DO SOMETHING!!!

Connections groups…what we used to call Sunday School…will be highlighted in January. Our goal is to have every person that calls WCCN their church to be involved in a small group. This is where we learn – grow and hold each other accountable. If you are not in a Connections class, find one or check with Pastor Dale and start one! C’mon- DO SOMETHING!