Holy Spirit at Work…the signs of this season are orange barrels. We are in a hurry to arrive at our vacation destinations only to find that almost every road on the route is marked by signs that slow us down. “Right lane closed ahead.” “Slow…flagman ahead.” Or even worse… ”DETOUR ahead!”

The first phase of these improvements to the road always includes demolition. Those HUGE machines that eat blacktop are amazing. What is no longer sufficient for the traffic load…potholes and cracks…sometimes even removing mountains of rock make way for improved travel.

So it is in our lives. Maybe rough habits have brought behaviors that are not preferred. Potholes of hurts have blocked us from the joy and peace that God wants us to enjoy. Sometimes it is crowded schedules and poor priorities that rob us of power to accomplish what the Lord desires.

It will take more than learning about the Holy Spirit. This is more than adding a blast of energy or fat-burner to your smoothie. God wants to change us in a positive way to be effective for Him and have the fulfillment and peace that He has in store for us.

This summer might require you to experience some demolition before improvements are completed. The Holy Spirit is at work! Will you join Him in growing you to become all that He wants? I am certain that if you ask every morning…”Holy Spirit, how are we doing?” He will let you know what needs to change for you to experience His power, joy and presence.

Holy Spirit at Work... improvements ahead!